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At Franco Signor we are passionate about the Liability and Workers’ Compensation industry groups we serve. We are dedicated to leading the evolution of the marketplace with our innovation and oversight.

At Franco Signor our passion and dedication guide us everyday in our endeavor to provide our clients superior solutions, unmatched service, and market leadership.

Franco Signor is the nation’s recognized leader in Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) Compliance. Our management team is comprised of individuals who have provided innovative solutions in this complex arena since 2001. At Franco Signor, we understand the individual nature of each client and claim and employ a unique and comprehensive "Four Phase" approach to provide the correct solution every time.

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MSP Blog

Magistrate Recommends Takemoto False Claims Case be Dismissed with Prejudice

A couple of weeks back we reported on the Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss this False Claims Act case (click here to see our prior blog).  This lawsuit brought by the former VP and General Manager of PMSI Settlement Solutions, Kent Takemoto, sought … Read more »

Collateral Source Rule Does Not Apply to Medicare Payments

  In an opinion out of Delaware, Stayton v. Delaware Health Corporation,, 2015 WL 3654325 (June 12, 2015), Delaware’s Supreme Court found that the collateral source rule does not apply to payments made by Medicare. The collateral source rule … Read more »

CMS Issues Technical Alert Regarding Partial SSNs

Yesterday, CMS issued a technical alert regarding the partial use of SSNs. As mentioned in our prior blog, CMS had recently become aware that the submission of partial SSNs was erroneously causing the return of false positives in matches with … Read more »

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