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Part D MSP Reform Legislation Re-Introduced in Congress

20 Feb 2017 Heather Sanderson No Comments

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On Thursday, February 16, Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) and Congressman Ron Kind (D-WI) re-introduced the Secondary Payer Advancement, Rationalization, and Clarification Act (SPARC Act – H.R. 1122) into the US. House of Representatives. For our prior blog and a detailed overview of the SPARC Act, click here. For Congressman Tim Murphy’s press release on the SPARC Act’s re-introduction, click here. …

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The Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition (MARC) worked diligently over the past eighteen months to develop and introduce the Secondary Payer Advancement, Rationalization and Clarification Act of 2016 (SPARC). Representatives Tim Murphy (18th District Pennsylvania, Republican) and Ron Kind (3rd District Wisconsin, Democrat) sponsored this bipartisan legislation that was immediately referred to the two committees of jurisdiction over Medicare – House …

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On September 24, 2016, legislation was introduced to clarify Part D Drug Plans reimbursement rights under the Medicare Secondary Payer law. The legislation will reinforce for these Plans a clear right of subrogation and improvement in Section 111 MMSEA data for improved coordination. To learn more about the proposed legislation, click here. Congratulations to the Medicare Advocacy Recovery Coalition for …

Magistrate’s Recommendation Rejected in Humana Case

29 Sep 2014 Roy Franco No Comments

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This past March we wrote about the Magistrate’s recommendation to the Judge handling the Humana Insurance Co. v. Farmers Texas County Mutual Insurance Co. Cause No. 13-CV-611-LY to dismiss the claim. Our analysis of that recommendation can be found here. In brief, we compared the decision process to a boxing match that would inevitably end up in the appellate courts. …

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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued an important alert on August 19, 2014.  An issue of contention with the Agency by the Industry has been the pricing of prescription drugs.  Typically allocations returned with a counter higher letter by the review contractor are due to a conflict for the proposed cost of pharmaceuticals.  These discrepancies has led …

Humana’s Suit Against Farmers in Texas — UPDATE

23 Jan 2014 Roy Franco No Comments

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We previously blogged about lawsuits brought by Humana against Farmers Insurance in four jurisdictions across the country.  We have been informed that Humana voluntarily dismissed three of the complaints (Tennessee, Missouri and Kansas), however the case brought in Texas is moving forward. Recently, Farmers moved to dismiss Human’s Texas litigation.  That motion is being rigorously opposed by Humana in the …

FDA Denies Approval of Generic OxyContin

19 Apr 2013 Roy Franco No Comments

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On April 16, 2013, the Food & Drug Administration announced that it will not be approving generic OxyContin, the same day the patent expired for the abuse resistant type.  The FDA action appears in line with national concern over the meteoric rise in opiates use since 2000.  Today, this drug turns into a gummy substance if an addict attempts to …

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Several months ago we blogged about  In re: Avandia Marketing, Sales Practices and Products Liability Litigation Glaxosmithkline, LLC & Glaxosmithkline, PLC Humana Medical Plan, Inc. and Humana Insurance Company, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, 2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 1320. We felt strongly about the expansion of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act’s private cause of action for …

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We previously wrote on the In Re Avandia decision granting new Medicare Secondary Payer powers to Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans.  As predicted, such Plans are bullish over their new authority.  Letters are being sent by Part C and Part D Medical carriers addressed to insurance carriers and self insureds who are settling or otherwise responsible to make payment …

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