MAP/Part D Lien Resolution

Franco Signor is the industry leader in identifying applicable liens for Medicare Advantage, Medicaid or Part D plans. We will work with you to secure and negotiate unrelated charges and apply law to decrease the lien amount. In addition, we will assist in securing the final lien amount prior to Settlement, Judgment or Award.

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Here are some important items you should be aware of related to MAP plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan Basics

  • MAPs are required by Medicare to seek reimbursement
  • MAPs in response to CMS requirements sought reimbursement for items and services paid related to a workers’ compensation, no-fault and liability claims
  • MAPs pursued litigation under MSP law to establish their reimbursement right, using the Private cause of action, after poor results in seeking voluntary recovery
  • Case law has developed that allow MAPs to secure double damages in certain jurisdictions, essentially providing them with the same recovery rights as Medicare
  • There are still jurisdictions that have yet to rule on the issue, but the weight of authority is presently in favor of the MAPs

Third Party Lien Resolution

These liens differ from traditional Medicare conditional payments. Whether reimbursement is owed may be determined by jurisdiction, this is especially true for Private Medicare Advantage and Part D Drug Plans, as well as Medicaid. Franco Signors legal professionals know how to identify these potential liens and whether reimbursement is required. Contact our office for assistance with these liens and to obtain the best outcomes

For more information about recovery rights in your area, click on the map below.


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