Professional Administration

Medicare Beneficiary Services

Many MSA vendors forget the Medicare Beneficiary in the process of compliance. At Franco Signor, we manage all components of compliance for the parties involved. As such, Franco Signor has developed programs and services to help the Medicare Beneficiary manage and maintain the allocation funds after the settlement. Once the MSP compliance process is done for the insurer, the future management becomes the responsibility of the Medicare Beneficiary. Let Franco Signor assist you in navigating these waters and preserving your allocation funds for years to come.

Professional Administration Services

After the settlement, Medicare Beneficiaries have the difficult task of managing the MSA account which includes; paying medical bills at the appropriate reimbursement rate, determining which medical services are Medicare covered and related and reporting these expenses to CMS on an annual basis. It is a difficult and often impossible task for many beneficiaries, particularly when dealing with high-dollar allocations. Franco Signor’s experts have the knowledge to assist in these scenarios. Our team of medical bill review and clinical experts have the tools to manage the post-settlement administration. Contact our offices for a quote on these services.

Post Settlement

Through our partnership with Equian pharmacy and specialty services management programs, Franco Signor now offers Medicare Beneficiaries a post-settlement prescription and durable medical equipment (DME) discount program. This program provides beneficiaries with nationwide access to 65,000 retail pharmacies, mail-order pharmacy services and more than 35,000 medical items and services. Beneficiaries can obtain their prescriptions and DME at discounted rates, preserving the allocation funds for ongoing medical expenses.


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